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PREDATORS: ROUND 2 "Feel the Rush" is available today!  Click here to purchase a copy of this New Release. You can also get a sneak peek at some of our success by viewing the Photo Gallery and/or our Videos clips.

The hunting industry is currently saturated with over 20 million active hunters. Yet, the fastest growing hunting sport in the country is predator hunting. All sportsmen seem to be looking for something they can do year round, at their own pace and get access from landowners to hunt. Predator hunting is ALL that and More!  Predator hunting offers the opportunity to be in the field all year long but also directly benefits all other game. By reducing the number of predators in your area, you can considerably increase the survival rates of other game animals.
Easy to get permission...The Thrill of the Chase...And helping your wildlife and/or local farmer...Give it a Try today and let TBR Outdoors help to get you started!
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